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(Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)

This program employs elements of environmental criminology; design considerations and effective use of the built environment that lead to a reduction in fear and the incidence of crime, and an improvement of the quality of life. The pride that a community shows by keeping streets clean and managing graffiti in a timely manner is reflected in the behaviour of citizens living in and visiting the neighbourhood. The CPTED program seeks to influence behaviour and encourage stewardship to reduce further acts of vandalism and supports the goal of the Vancouver Police Department to reduce property crime.

CPTED Activity Schedule:

  • Neighborhood Clean Up     -      (every Saturdays of the month)

  • Youth Clean Up                    -      (2nd Saturdays of the month)

  • UGM Clean Up                    -      (3rdSaturdays of the month)

  • Graffiti Paint Out                 -      (4th Saturdays of the month)

  • Fall Leaves Collection          -      (seasonal)

  • Drainage Clearing                 -      (seasonal)


With equipment supplied through the City of Vancouver’s Keep Vancouver Spectacular campaign, teams of volunteers target areas recorded or reported for ongoing littering.


Clean-ups have a huge impact on our local neighbourhoods. Removing litter not only makes the neighbourhood cleaner, it also makes it safer. Research has shown that systematic removal of garbage can greatly reduce crime, vandalism and mischief.

  • Neighborhood Clean Up

  • Youth Clean Up

  • UGM (Union Gospel Mission) Clean Up

  • Fall Leaves Collection

  • Drainage Clearing

New Project (20).png

The GWCPC has gathered a supply of paint, rollers, brushes, trays and other materials offered by the City of Vancouver through the VPD along with other community gifts-in-kind to contribute to civic graffiti abatement initiatives. 

GWCPC Graffiti Paint-Outs are scheduled for the last Saturday of each calendar month from 10:00 a.m. – noon and they occur rain or shine.

See graffiti in Grandview-Woodland neighborhood?


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