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                                                              DESCRIPTION                                                                                                     CONTACT DETAILS

* EMERGENCY / URGENT                     Report an emergency or crime in progress dial 9-1-1                                                                       9-1-1

* Non-Emergency  / Non-Urgent             To report a non-urgent crime or follow-up on a VPD police file,                                                   604-717-3321
                                                                          call Non-Emergency or file online                                                                                      

* Crime Statistics                                          VPD GeoDash Crime Statistics by neighbourhood                                                                


The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia ("ICBC") is a provincial crown corporation providing auto insurance, driver licensing, vehicle registration, road safety, and other products and services in British Columbia.

* Illegal Dumping

help us keep your neighbourhood clean and safe by properly reporting all incidents of abandoned garbage or witnessed illegal dumping. Report witnessed illegal dumping or abandoned waste.

* Crime Stoppers / Tip Line                

a 24-hour free phone line for confidential health information and advice

* Graffiti / Vadalism             

Vancouver City by-law, graffiti is defined as “one or more letters, symbols or marks, howsoever made, on any structure or thing” placed without the property owner or tenant’s prior, written authorization. This definition includes tagging and advertising. 
The City has many resources available to help remove and prevent graffiti.
- graffiti reporting and removal
- free paint program

* HealthLink BC                 

a 24-hour free phone line for confidential health information and advice

* Property - Stolen (reported)

CPIC - Canadian Police Information  Centre , where the public can search for property or motor vehicles that have been reported stolen (vehicles, properties, boats, boat motors, bicycles, firearms, etc.)

* Vancouver City              

Official site of the City of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Access City services, sign up for recreation programs, and learn about City projects.


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